Dry eye is a condition in which the eye do not produce enough tears and lack of right quality of tears.

20-40% is the incidence in current population. Incidence is increases with age.

There are various symptoms like- Stinging, Dryness, Discharge, Irritation, Pain, Redness, Headache.

Early detection- Dye test which are invasive. GGSIEYE CENTER has been lucky to give a new method of non- invasive use of small machine called DRY EYE MACHINE. which qualifies the degree of Dryness.

Early cases we substitute drops- Artificial Tears and in Later Cases- patient shows to the experts in this field.

QUEST.- Can It Lead To Blindness?
ANSWER- In most cases, it gives trouble to the patient’s in day to day working life and in 10% of the cases the cornea develops the ulcers which gives a frequent pain and may lead to Blindness also, if it is not treated.

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