What Causes Glaucoma?
The high fluid pressure leads damages the Optic nerve fiber’s.Normally, the fluid, called aqueous humor, flows out of your eye through a mesh-like channel. If this channel gets blocked, the liquid builds up. The reason for the blockage is unknown, but doctors do know it can be inherited, meaning it’s passed from parents to children.Less common causes include a blunt or chemical injury to your eye, severe eye infection, blocked blood vessels inside the eye, and inflammatory conditions. It’s rare, but sometimes eye surgery to correct another condition can bring it on. It usually affects both eyes, but it may be worse in one than the other.

*Treatment consists of anti-glaucoma medications
*Treatment includes eye drops, medication and surgery.

*Very Early Detection of Glaucoma is made with 3D OCT.

*Glaucoma medication
*Lowers eye pressure.
*Beta blocker
*Slows heart rate and decreases blood pressure. *When taken in eye-drop form, it reduces eye pressure.
*In difficult cases Endo-Laser is use to control the pressure.

*Surgery using an intensely hot and focused beam of light to remove tissue and control bleeding.

*Using a laser to improve fluid drainage in the eye and reduce eye pressure.
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